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Joined: 16 Mar 2011
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:11 pm    Post subject: INNER MONGOLIA SCHOOL WARNING Reply with quote

There's a certain college in Inner Mongolia's captial that rates up high as one of the most badly managed, dishonest and ruthless in all of China. Because the location is so far away, it is difficult to regard the practices being those of mainland China. In fact, Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region not controlled by, nor is accountable to, the China national government or education system. Added to this, the new campus is 90 minutes by shabby public transport from downtown. Chinese teachers and staff abandon the campus outside regular work hours. They all live downtown and commute by school bus from the old campus in Hohhot, which has reportedly been sold anyway.

Many recruiting agencies refer potential applicants to this Inner Mongolia college, and the number of different online advertisements offering benefits are just as varied. Recruiting is done on a desperation basis by totally inept and inexperienced office staff. If you have no experience, only an online TEFL certificate, an American passport regardless of original race or birthplace; chances are you'll satisfy the criteria, but most teachers do not stay more than one (1) semester, if that. Actually, there is no Foreign Affairs Office anymore, as the control of foreign teachers has been taken over by the relevant teaching department with would-be professors/leaders that wield the contract as a weapon against foreigners to do more hours than specified (including weekends and weekday evenings) with no extra salary. If you don't agree, then you are threatened with no salary or visa issuance. If you want to discuss aspects of the contract in favour of the foreign teacher, you will be referred to the college president who doesn't speak English and is hard to track down in the first instant. College staff will not translate because that may show them as they really are.

It's a no win situation for the foreigner. Students are good, but administration is woeful. Additionally, there is no winter vacation salary. If you choose to stay on campus over the winter period, then prepare to starve in isolation as there are no shops open or transport at that time of year. Apparently, the regular number of foreign number of foreign teachers has been 3 - 4 per semester in recent years. Up to 10 are required due to the increase in International students preparing to go abroad (a great money-spinner if ever there was one for schools throughout China), but only half that number at most will turn up or stay under the current conditions. This means over work and exploitation of those who do remain. The college change contracts and conditions at their own whim. Whatever is promised (including flights), don't expect to receive such, then you won't be disappointed. Work hours are averaged over a semester, meaning if you don't teach 16 hours one week - you'll be required to make them up in other weeks in addition to English Corner, public lectures (after hours) to students and Chinese teachers at other times. No matter what, this college squeezes everything out of the foreign teachers and their contracts while taking away as much as they possibly can. For example, the last month of the semester is not paid in full. Instead, it is calculated on a pro-rata daily work basis. The Mongolian way is to confuse everything so much so that you'll never work out what you are actually losing.

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Joined: 21 Nov 2011
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:44 am    Post subject: Inner Mongolia Reply with quote

Hi Burnout, Thankyou for your post on Mongolian College, are you able to tell me the name, so I don't end up going to teach there!, I am teaching down in the south of China at the moment and would like to teach up in the north for the experience of the contrast, any advice about teaching in the north would be much appreciated
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