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Avoid ECA GuangZhou

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PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2012 2:59 am    Post subject: Avoid ECA GuangZhou Reply with quote

Everyone avoid ECA Guangzhou . When you go to him you will experience a seemingly friendly guy however this *agent* WILL palm you off as fast as possible to any school then forget about you. Once you arrive at the given school you will realize everything is very ILLEGAL, no work visa, somehow Kevie takes responsibility to pay you and if there is an issue both parties will avoid you.

Once it comes to the end of your patience and you threaten to leave Kevie will accuse you of being unprofessional and width hold your salary. Upon contacting a lawyer willing to do a no win no fee basis. I was informed of the following under the law;

1) Agents DO NOT have the license to pay or employ Foreign Teachers therefore his practice is illegal and a common tax evasion tactic. Sadly since you are not on a Z visa, you will also be part of this tax evasion practice.

2) His contract doesn't comply with the national standard contract format located here While not all places are part of SAFEA, it does provide a basic legal contract and all items it must include to satisfy national legislation. So his employment practice breaks labor laws.

YOUR contract with Kevie is null. It cannot be used for the creation of your working permit (see You will be told that your contract is with ECA/Kevie what you must have a is a contract by the school that can be accompanied by their school license and license to higher foreign teachers to produce the contract.

3) Under the law of China (you may realize this if you try to rent an apartment via a real estate agent). Buildings not of a certain standard MAY NOT be provided for foreigners to live in. You will note the conditions in places or accommodation Kevie will provide for you is substandard, again all done on the cheap.

Cool BEWARE. Any correspondence that is over email, online chat, text message or phone call is not submittable in court.

5) Contract law states that all contracts must include business license number, phone number, company stamp, both signers ID card numbers and name in full. DEMAND THIS WHEN DEALING WITH AGENTS TO ENSURE YOU HAVE CREDIBLE EVIDENCE TO USE IF YOU ARE IN A DISPUTE

6) Fines are equally applicable to the foreign teachers as well as possible deportation with penalty of exclusion from entry into China for 5 years.

To ensure you are protected and in legal employment, IE avoid ECA before taking the job;

1) check with

2) email your embassy in your home country about procedures for obtaining work license

3) Post questions about the supposed agent/school online to see what good/negative feedback comes your way. Doing a Google search never hurts

Cool Check with your local foreign affairs department about laws

I battled and my lawyer scared him into paying up all the money he owed me but it took threat of legal action by a lawyer to get him to caugh up. Here are the details of ECA

Employees: Annie, Kevie(owner), Herman
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