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Fraud Alert: Almost All China Internships Are Scams!

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More Or Less

Joined: 18 May 2013
Posts: 41

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:40 am    Post subject: Fraud Alert: Almost All China Internships Are Scams! Reply with quote

But the good news is that the real ones are totally free! My colleague was just swindled by a company that actually charged him money to work an internship in China at 50% of the normal salary, when in fact he qualified to take the real job. The scheme was arranged that the "internship agent" kept the extra 50% for himself and kicked back $1,000 to the employer to stay quiet about it all! I found the below at a scam reporting site that I want to share with everyone so you know how to find the legitimate internships and spot the scams...

"Most everything that comes out of China is fake - from powdered milk, to dog food, to toys, to designer handbags and sunglasses. Please add China internships to the growing list and these are peddled by the score to hundreds of uni students all over the world every month. Those who bite and take the bait end up in one of two ways;

1) The lucky ones only lose a $300 or $500 deposit or "processing fee" aka "registration fee" aka "application fee".

2) The others make a very expensive trip to China and get swindled for more than $5,000 each - even though they may have some great fun in China that helps to numb the dumb of their gullible pain.

And while we call this a devious and sophisticated scam, the Chinese call it a great business that rakes in millions every year in an industry that is unregulated, in a country where "consumer protection" is still a novel concept. There is no FTC, nor BBB in China and foreigners can't afford to stay in China long enough to pursue a court claim. Do you want to travel back and forth to China for multiple hearings to get your $5,000 back? (Victims must be present at all hearings and proxy lawyers are not allowed) So basically victims are just plain fu*ked, and go home learning one expensive lesson.

Here's the scam in a nutshell and hopefully you can spread the word...

You are solicited by blind internet ads at Milkround, Just Landed, Craigslist, Prospects, etc. or by email offering you the opportunity to work for an international MNC or Fortune 500 company in China if you are a university graduate and willing to do a 90 day internship, which all sounds plausible and quite logical. Their web sites are magnificent, full of "testimonials" and links to glowing "reviews" (most of which are fake). You are told only what they want you to know and this is what is deliberately hidden from you:

According to Chinese Visa laws most all China Internship programs for expats today are ILLEGAL (Read here down at the bottom of this post is what can happen to you if you go through with a **** program or any other illegal China internship program:

Any company or agent that asks you to pay any money - even $10 to get you a job or internship in China is a scam - period.

The good news is that the only legal internships in China are 100% FREE as explained in these links below.

In order to participate in the legitimate China internships you need 3 things to qualify:

1) A university bachelor degree since foreigners cannot be hired for any job in China without one. (your major can be in any major)

2) A special "certification letter" from the Chinese Public Security Bureau that says you are truly either 3, 4, or 5 below...

3) Enrolled in an accredited university as part of a registered student exchange program with a Chinese university or learning institute (not a private ESL school). In this case you would be given a Q1 visa

Cool A registered "delegate" or "trainee" of a licensed NGO, charity, foundation, museum, or recognized volunteer group, or a registered performer in a musical production, dance troupe (like Riverdance) or an artist in an exhibition or doing a cultural training program or apprenticeship. In this case you would be given an M visa.

5) A pre-hire intern of a licensed business in China that directly issues you a Z or F visa.

If you let someone bamboozle you into thinking that this is all BS or your chances of getting caught are only 30%, and you do get caught like 27 foreign intern recently were, here is what will happen since the Chinese government no longer issues "warnings" like they did before 2013:

A. You will be arrested in a polite but embarrassing fashion on the spot and led away in cuffs after they take your photo for the Global Times or China Daily or CCTV.

B. Throw you in jail for a few weeks until your hearing date at which time you must plead guilty and pay a $2,000 fine in order to be released from jail. (Btw... they only accept cash - no credit cards)

C. Upon release they will take you to your favorite travel agency or airport to watch you buy a non-refundable plane ticket home which must depart within the next 10 days.

D. You will be given a 5 year reentry ban document in Chinese and a stamp in your passport that says you are a "ILLEGAL MIGRANT WORKER" who cannot return to China even as a tourist.

E. You will leave China with your very own felony conviction that in most countries will keep you from voting, buying a gun, or becoming a stock or mortgage broker, running for public office or taking a government job.

As a side note: About 28% of real China internships end up with job offers. About 5% is the average for the black internships offered through third party brokers - assuming you do not get caught."
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Joined: 21 Apr 2013
Posts: 54

PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:58 pm    Post subject: China Internship scams Reply with quote

Thanks for a great post. Here is a 2017 update:
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Joined: 02 Dec 2016
Posts: 12
Location: L.A. California

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow. thank you. This was an interesting post about aspiring ESL teachers who want to teach in China.
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