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Please review this ESL contract for a hagwon in Korea

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:59 pm    Post subject: Please review this ESL contract for a hagwon in Korea Reply with quote

Hi all! I received this contract from a hagwon in Gwangju, Korea. I am new to ESL teaching so I would be very grateful for some opinions. I know the unpaid sick days is stingy, the 'hospital designated by the employer' is sketchy, and the working hours, date of payment, NHIC, and furnishings should be specified. What else - or is it even worth trying to fix this? All feedback much appreciated. Thanks so much!



The following contract is an employment contract between _ to be referred to as the "Instructor" and _ in _, South Korea to be referred to as the "Institute" from this point forth.

This contract is entered into for the position of an English conversation instructor.

이 계약은 영어 강사직을 위한 것이다.

This contract becomes effective upon the signing of this document by both the Instructor and the Institute. This contract supercedes any and all prior agreements, oral or written, between the parties; any future modifications to this contract must be made in writing by an officer or authorized agent of the Institute with pre-approval by the President of and executed by the signature of both parties. The Instructor's monthly salary shall commence and count from the first day of his or her teaching in accordance with the Institute's schedule.

이 계약은 학원과 강사 양측에 의해 서명 되면서 유효해지며 앞선 다른 구두상 또는 서면상의 계약보다 우선한다. 계약의 수정사항은 반드시 사전에 학원 또는 인증된 대리인에 의해 서명 되어야 하고, 강사의

월 급여는 학원의 일정에 따라 강사의 수업 첫날부터 계산된다.

3. Period of Employment :

The Instructor will be employed by the Institute from the following dates.
From: The 1st of September , 2015
To : The 31 of August, 2016

The period of employment under this contract will last for one calendar year from the date of the Instructor's first day of work for the School, unless other written contractual agreements have been entered into to amend this time period.

계약기간 : 근무 첫날부터 1년

The teacher will have maximum 21, 80-minute per teaching week (Mon-Fri). Actual teaching time can vary from 40, 80 minute class periods. The teacher is expected to devote at the Institute for lesson planning with co-teachers, student evaluations, reporting, phone calls to students once a month, supervision of play, maintenance of the English environment during breaks, workshops, teachers' meetings, activities (field trip, party, etc) with children ,the extra time spent on activities without additional pay. The work week will follow the yearly academic calendar issued by Institute.

A. Monthly Salary: A monthly salary of 2,100,000 million won will be paid. The overtime wage of 20,000 won per 60 minutes will be paid. Overtime does not include reasonable weekly class preparation and staff meeting.

월급 : 일한 것에 대해__ 원을 매달 지급하고, 초과수당 20,000 원이다.

미팅이나 수업 준비 등은 초과근무가 아니다.

B. Transportation: Round trip, economy class airfare will be provided by the institute. Round trip airfare will be given to instructor on the last day of her/his working day according to this contract when they complete this contract and leave Korea.

교통비 : 왕복 일반석 비행기티켓비용은 학원에서 제공하고, 이것은 계약을 성공적으로 마치고 한국을 떠날 경우 마지막으로 근무하는 날 지불한다.

C. Insurance : A medical insurance and national pension plan from an insurance company and will be offered to the instructor. The monthly premium will be split equally between Instructor and Institute if Instructor desires to be covered. When they complete this contract and leave Korea, Refund of the National Pension to a teacher who becomes a compulsorily insured employee, where the Pension Act of the Teacher's home country provides the benefit corresponding to the lump-sum refund of the National Pension Plan, the lump-sum refund of this plan shall be paid to the foreigner, according to Korean Law.

보험: 의료보험과 국민연금은 제공되며, 학원측과 강사측에서 반반씩 부담한다. 계약을 성공적으로 마치고 한국을 떠날 경우 본인과 학원측에서 지불했던 연금의 총액을 준다.

E. Tax : Korean income tax will be deducted from the salary according to the Korean tax law

세금: 급여에 대한 세금은 월 급여에서 제해진다.

F. Holidays: The 10 days of vacation will be scheduled by the Institute .: Normally the vacation would be in the form of one week in the summer, and one week at the end of the year. All Korean holidays is guaranteed. In case of temporary Korean Holiday, the instructor has to follow the institute’s decision.

휴일:10일 휴가 기간은 학원에 의해 정해진 일정대로 합니다.: 보통은 휴가가 여름에 일주일 연말에 일주일 제공되어집니다. 임시공휴일의 경우 학원의 결정에 따른다.

G. Sick Leave : 3 days unpaid sick leave is provided in case that the employee submits medical certification from the hospital designated by the employer. The wage for the sick leave days will be deducted from the monthly salary.

강사는 연 3일간의 병가를 쓸 수 있으나 이 경우 반드시 병원에서 진단서를 제출해야 한다. 3일간 결강에 대해서는 월 급여에서 제하게 된다.

G. Severance payment and final month’s salary : Institute will give 2.1million won (100% of monthly salary) to the Instructor on the last day of the contract with institute. Korean income tax will be deducted from severance payment.

계약 만료 시 : 1년 계약을 채우고 만료될 경우 근무 마지막 날 월 급여의 100%를 지급하며, 세금을 제하고 월 급여를 준다.

Institute will provide rent-free housing to instructor. Instructor have to pay every month utility.

집: 학원이 임대료를 지불하는 집을 제공하며, 강사는 월 관리비를 지불 해야 한다.

7. Instructor's Duties and Responsibilities

A. General Duties of Instructor : 일반적인 책임

The Instructor's duty and responsibilities include, but not limited to, the following :

아래의 의무와 책임이 있다. (아래의 것에 한정된 것은 아니다)

a. Assistance in developing the Institute's educational program and materials;

학원의 프로그램과 자료들을 개발하는데 도와야 한다.

b. Attendance in developing the teacher's meetings, workshops, training sessions, etc.;

강사미팅, 웍샵, 트레이닝 등에 참석해야 한다.

c. Participation in other activities related to any aspect of the business of the Institute.

학원의 사업적인 측면과 관련된 어떤 활동에도 참여해야 한다.

d. Preparation of the teaching materials before the class.

수업 전에 미리 가르치는 내용이 준비되어야 한다.

e. Dress code : Dress up ( 업무시간에는 세미정장을 입어야 한다.)

B. Instructor will set a good positive example of himself/herself and his or her Institute at all times. Furthermore, the Instructor will follow the directions of his/her director.

강사는 항상 모범이 되어야 하며, Director의 지시에 따라야 한다.

C. Instructor should be in good health. The Instructor shall not conceal any diseases or epidemic illness which may interfere his or her teaching or which may infect others.

강사는 항상 건강에 유의해야 한다. 강사는 수업에 지장이 있거나 다름 사람을 감염시킬 수 있는 자신의 병이나 전염성 질병 등을 숨겨서는 안된다.

D. Instructor will follow and set class schedules and will not dismiss class, cancel classes, or start classes late without pre- approval by academic director.

강사는 수업 스케쥴을 따라야 하며, 원장의 허가 없이 수업을 휴강하거나, 취소하거나 수업을 늦게

E. If Instructor fails to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner, resulting in damage the image of the school, the Institute has the right to terminate this contract. First of all, the most important thing two parties should remember is that if something unpleasant happens, we'd better talk and understand

강사가 프로다운 매너를 지키지 못하여 학원의 이미지에 피해를 입힐 경우 학원은 계약을 끝낼

권리가 있다. 우선적으로 중요한 일은 양자가 불미스러운 일이 생겼을 경우 서로 대화하고 이해하는

F. The Teacher will work closely with Academic Supervisor and other colleagues in the planning, observation, and review of instruction. As a member of the Institute, the Teacher will contribute to the cumulative experience, wisdom and resources of team dedicated to developing, implementing, and
evaluating a comprehensive program for teaching English to Koreans.

8. Copyright, Non closure, Non compete Agreement(Copyrights)

Any teaching materials produced or created by the Instructor while in the employment of the school shall be the sole property of the School.(Non closure) While still in the employment of the School or after resigning, the Instructor must not make any information public that he or she obtains from the Institute or develops for the Institute. The teaching techniques, books, and materials of the Institute are proprietary and are to be protected as intellectual and copyrighted material. (Non compete Agreement): During this contract period, working for a competing school, unauthorized private tutoring, or private interest is

학원에 있는 동안 강사에 의해 만들어진 어떤 교육용 자료도 학교의 재산이다. 학원에 있는동안 또는 사임한 후에도 강사는 학원으로부터 얻은 정보를 누설해서는 안된다. 강의 기술, 책, 교육자료등은 학원의 재산이며 저작권에 의해서 보호된다. 계약기간동안 경쟁학원에서 일하는 것과, 허가받지않은 개인 교습 및 개인의 이익을 위한 교육은 금지된다.

The Institute and the Instructor may jointly agree to renew the contract for the period of one year or other mutually agreed time period. The Teacher shall notify the Institute if his or her intent is such not less than sixty days prior to the termination of the contract.

계약 갱신 : 학원은 강사와 1년 또는 다른 정해진 기간동안의 계약 갱신에 함께 동의해야 한다. 강사는 학원에 계약갱신 의사가 없을 경우 계약만료 60일 전에 통보해야 한다.

10. Termination of Contract

Instructor's resignation is determined to be voluntary(unilateral and without just cause), Employer shall pay back  to the Institute the total amount of the air ticket. The Instructor will forfeit any accumulated but unpaid salary or bonus, or other incentive pay .

강사의 사임이 자발적인 것일 경우 강사는 미리 지불된 비행기 비용을 학원에 지불하여야 한다. 강사는 미지급된 급여 및 상여금 또는 다른 인센티브에서 이 금액이 추징된다.

The Teacher should respect the rules and standards of conduct of the Institute (written, verbal and tacit) and obey the laws, regulations, instructions, and ordinances of the national and local governments.

Any teaching or employment other than at the above address shall not be permitted, in accordance with Korean Law. Non-compliance may result in discipline including fines and deportation.

12. Governing Laws and Jurisdictions

This contract shall be interpreted according to the internal(domestic) laws of the Republic of Korea. The competent court in Seoul, Korea shall have jurisdiction in regard to any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this contract. Both parties have read the above conditions and agree to the terms in good faith and will attempt to resolve any dispute in a reasonable manner. All decisions that can not be resolved by the two parties above will be solved in accordance to Korean Civil Law.

이 계약은 대한민국의 국내법에 준하여 해석된다. 이 계약과 관련하여 어떤 분쟁이 있을 경우 이와 관련 관할 법원에서 판결을 내린다. 양자는 이 상기 계약조항을 잘 읽고 상호 신뢰 하에 계약에 동의하며 분쟁이 있을 경우 타당성 있게 서로 문제를 해결하려고 노력해야 한다. 양자에 의해 해결되지 못한 결정들은 대한민국 민법에 준하여 결정된다.
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