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Should I bother with this job? - SLP

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PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2013 10:12 am    Post subject: Should I bother with this job? - SLP Reply with quote

I'm hoping that someone out there can give me some advice.

A little over a month ago the school I was contracted at until the end of September "closed down" (the owner moved to another place and opened a new school with only a few of the "top" staff). I got only a week's notice of release and they currently have a labor board case against them for non-payment. Generally a horrible place to work and lots of other lies and tricks on their side. (Thankfully, I probably will be getting my money as I have the help of my Korean boyfriend's parents heard that most of the time the cases are sided against the teachers).

Now I just received a job offer from an SLP school in Daejeon. I had an in person interview and I told them that I would need an extra 2 weeks vacation to visit the US and they seemed very optimistic about that request. In turn for getting extra vacation I would lower my pay expectation from 2.3 to 2.2 each month for salary and not ask for a flight ticket out of country at the end of the contract. (Which I felt was quite generous for a mere 2 weeks, especially since they already would not be paying for me to fly to Korea as I'm in country and I most likely have to catch a 3,000 cab twice a day which I didn't even think to request help with). Well, I get home and the recruiter says they are sorry but cannot offer me anything besides the 1 week in summer and 1 week in winter (I cannot go to the U.S for 5 days of course). I asked if I might extend my summer vacation just 7 days but they also said that would be difficult for them. They suggested I go to the U.S this June and begin the job at their original start date of July 1st. (I wanted to begin June 1st instead which they also initially agreed to). Another issue is that they have still not gotten back to me about how much they would be willing to pay for housing allowance although I requested this information 2 times already.

My question is should I even bother with this school? Does anyone know of the reputation of SLP? I thought the school looked promising but if they are not willing to negotiate about a weeks vacation it seems rather fishy to me. I mean what if, God forbid, I get sick for a week - how would they replace me in that case? (I suspect just forcing me to go in?) I have already been unemployed for a month so I wanted to begin a new job ASAP however I am now not too sure about this place, should I just hold out for somewhere else? I don't want to be stuck in another school with bad morals.

I'm not in dire straits. Thankfully I saved 75% of my income each month when I did have a job so I do have at least a small egg to sit on for a while as well as a D-10 VISA good until October but I'd rather not wait too much longer as I don't want to squander all my savings.

I'm getting kind of frustrated with recruiters as well but it seems that's the easiest way to hook up with schools. I went to university specifically for the purpose of teaching in Korea as I plan on living here for a very long time. I decided to become an English teacher here when I was 15, nearly 10 years ago, so I've done my research but apparently not hard enough. I went to University in Korea for almost 2 years and I generally love my life here but I think I've gotten a bad impression of the school system due to my first CD being a load of crooks. I don't want that to scar my image for life but being my first official job it's done its toll.

I am also seriously contemplating getting my masters and moving on to University teaching after even just 6 1/2 months at a private academy Maybe a double masters in both English (my undergrad major) and Education as I've seen a few universities offer but of course this takes time.

First hand experience very much appreciated and sorry for the ramble but I'm living my dream life at 90%, just having a very hard time finding that dream job to go along with it!
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